Intrepid Boats For Sale

The flawless fit, finish and performance of each Intrepid is the result of the most obsessive design, research, testing and quality control process in the industry. We test and validate the quality, integrity and durability of every material, part and fabrication technique used. Cameras and sensors are installed in the hulls of prototypes to measure the forces of stress, water flow, impact, lift and drag. Burn and gel tests measure the effects of heat and stress. The hulls are meticulously hand-inspected to eliminate even the most minute flaw, air bubble or uneven surface, then sanded, buffed and polished to a state of perfection.

Distinctively different in concept, design and performance, Intrepid’s most advanced stepped hull in the industry delivers a smoother, drier ride with unparalleled maneuverability. It all begins in its forward panel, which is at a steeper longitudinal angle along the keel than the aft panel. These panels create more lift aft than at the step itself so the boat runs with a slightly bow-up attitude. The boat stays drier and turns and maneuvers more effortlessly than the flat running angle of most stepped hulls. We are highly collaborative with our customers and some of our most prideful achievements are ones we created from sketched “dream” ideas on cocktail napkins they had. Sure, everything we do is highly innovative and precise but we do it for one very simple reason. So our customers are happy and satisfied knowing they own the finest, custom-crafted boat on the water.